“Bad Boy” lyrics by Oxlade ft Mayorkun
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“Bad Boy” lyrics by Oxlade ft Mayorkun

Bad Boy lyrics Oxlade ft Mayorkun

Here is Bad Boy lyrics by Oxlade ft Mayorkun

🎶Song: Bad Boy

🎤Artists: Oxlade, Mayorkun

📀Genre: Afropop

Bad Boy lyrics Oxlade ft Mayorkun

{Intro: Mayorkun}
Ahh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Gege, mhm, oh-oh
Tune into the king of sounds and blues

{Verse 1: Oxlade}
I am, living life on a speedy
(Speed Darlington)
No party like a Lagos person
(Oshey eyan Wellington)
I am stingy with my peace
And I’m greedy with my happiness
I no send nobody

{Chorus: Oxlade}
Hennessy mẹta (Ko yo mi)
Jumbo mẹrin (Ko le to mi)
Omo, obinrin mefa (Ko ma yo mi)
Baby, I am living the reckless life
I’m a bad boy
Bad boy, boy
Baby, I am living the reckless life
I’m a bad boy

{Verse 2: Mayorkun}
Mandem know how the thing go (Thing go)
We are not playing, no be Tinko (Tinko)
No be say me and I no con dey think oh
(Think oh, me I dey think oh, think oh)
‘Cause I be your dog, I no be Bingo (Bingo)
Do you want to reggae or calypso? (Lypso)

‘Causе, whatever I do them no go fit oh (Yеah)
See I can be the blues in’a ya redeem (Redeem)
But these bad bitches I’m linking (Linking)
And them pretty and them boujee (Boujee)
And them sexy and them
What is the cost, I’ll pay it all
Make the story for no dey long
Long as I’m happy, fuck y’all

{Chorus: Oxlade}
Hennessy mẹta (Ko yo mi, ko le yo mi)
Jumbo mẹrin (Ko le to mi, ko le to)
Omo, obinrin mefa (Ko ma yo mi)
(Baby) Baby, I am living the reckless life
I’m a bad boy

{Verse 3: Mayorkun & Oxlade}
I’m a bad boy, you no fit jack my
steez (Speed Darlington)
You no fit know wetin dey inside
my jeans (Oshey, eyan Wellington)
Mariwo leri, you never see something
You already know who go fit kill this beat
It’s a bad boy
Yeah boy

Won ni ko soro, olonbe
O gba koro, oloko (Ogba koro wole o)
Awon agbalagba lon soro
O gba koro wole oh (Ogba koro)
Overtaking is allowed (Hmm, mi gbo?)
Ema bi nu o
Overriding is allowed
Emi ghan ghan o sinu-

{Outro: Oxlade}
Hennessy mẹta (Ko yo mi)
Bad boy
Baby, I am living the
reckless life
(Tune into the king of sounds and blues)
I’m a bad boy

That’s Bad Boy lyrics by Oxlade ft Mayorkun

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Bad Boy lyrics by Oxlade ft Mayorkun outlines how he has decided that he is choosing Bad Boy only because he’s had so many experiences and he has made up his mind that being a Bad Boy is the only thing able to make him keep his cool.

Both Oxlade and Mayorkun want to have the time of their life because it seems that nothing could actually be enough to get their attention. Not women or money alone can get their attention or sustain them for long, and this is what they both insinuate with their song “Bad Boy”

Oxlade ft Mayorkun Bad Boy lyrics

Bad Boy lyrics Oxlade ft Mayorkun speaks to how there are so many things going on in the music industry that it becomes almost impossible to not lose your cool because apparently everyone has something to say about you and your career.

However, Bad Boy lyrics by Oxlade ft Mayorkun spells out how they have made up their mind to do only one thing- keep being Bad Boys because that’s the only thing that could make them take their minds off things and actually live their lives.

Bad Boy by Oxlade ft Mayorkun describes how he is building his sound and he has no time for bad or negative energy.

That’s what Bad Boy lyrics Oxlade ft Mayorkun mean.


Oxlade and Mayorkun deliver Bad Boy with a conviction that stems from a personal account that makes it very believable and makes the delivery powerful even though he doesn’t try any other effort to make the sound technical with vocals; well, except the background chorus that interpolates the song.

Oxlade and Mayorkun’s Bad Boy is very relatable. According to him, he is looking for Bad Boy alone even though he has so many frenemies.

Oxlade bad boy lyrics

Meanwhile, this still doesn’t mean he has to let his guard down. It only means that he needs to work harder and watch the kind of people he surrounds himself with.

We actually enjoy Oxlade and Mayorkun’s Bad Boy.

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Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman (born 22 April 1997), known professionally as Oxlade, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter signed to Troniq Music, Epic Records in France, and Columbia Records in the UK.

He rose to prominence with the release of the song “Away”, which appeared on Rolling Stone’s 50 best songs of 2020. Oxlade was named the first Pandora Africa’s Next Artist in July 2022

In 2018, he was approached by A&R executive Bizzle Osikoya, right after the release of “Mamiwota” by Blaqbonez, off the Bad Boy Blaq EP, released through 100 Crowns, an imprint of Chocolate City.

After his meeting with Bizzle, he signed a management deal with The Plug.

Thereafter he signed a publishing, licensing and distribution deal with The Plug Entertainment,and a record deal with Troniq Music.

On 27 December 2018, Davido allowed Oxlade perform at City of David concert in Lagos, and he opened for Wizkid in London at Star Boy Fest in 2019.

On 13 April 2020, he released the music video for Away, directed by TG Omori for Troniq Music. On 15 April 2020, he tells, Tami Makinde of The Native, he was instructed by TG Omori, to sit on his lady’s lap to personify the popular saying “behind every successful man is a woman”.

On 7 November 2020, Drake posted a screenshot on his Instagram story, listening to Away.

Right after the Canadian rapper made the post, he gained 3 million streams with 24 hours.

He achieved mainstream recognition with his hit track “Away”, released as a single from his EP Oxygene, released through Troniq Music, and The Plug Entertainment, on 27 March 2020. “Away” appeared at number 23 on the Nigerian TurnTable Top 50 year-end chart of 2020.

He released “DKT” independently on 3 September 2020 and its music video on 10 May 2021, which was shot and directed by Dammy Twitch.

In January 2021, his collaboration with Dolapo, and Ms Banks on their song “Interest”, earned him his first entry on Capital XTRA Airplay Chart at number eleven on 18 February 2021. and also earned him, his first career entry on UK Afrobeats Singles Chart at number ten, and spent twelve consecutive weeks on chart.

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