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{Review} “Attention” Omah Lay ft justin Bieber: Here is why the song will translate internationally

Why Omah Lay’s Attention featuring Justin Bieber will translate internationally

Attention has that unique song theme that makes it easy for the song to translate easily in foreign countries.

Here is why

Overtime, we’ve had several collaborations between Nigerian artists and foreign artists.

I mean, you have “Peru” remix featuring Ed Sheeran, as well as “Hey Boy” by Sia ft Burna Boy. Just to mention two.

But with Attention, Omah Lay and Justin Bieber find a common ground, and here it is

Song theme

Attention has a unique perspective. Honestly, this writer thought Attention is going to be a romantic song.

But imagine the shock when you realize that it speaks on pressure, wanting to feel loved, and some hints at depression.

It is noteworthy. Attention speaks on something we commonly face in our communities and societies regardless of race or gender.

We get fed up, we want to be loved, and Attention addresses this.

It makes sense that Omah Lay and Justin Bieber speak on this since it’s a common ground.

The song theme will make “Attention” relate with a foreign audience very well, and make Attention do well on streaming platforms


Attention is so relatable. We all want attention because of how special it makes us feel.

This is why Omah Lay and Justin Bieber say:

Show me a little attention…

Infact, Omah Lay and Justin Bieber get didactic by imploring us to love others and give them attention as much as we want attention too. Hence, Omah Lay says:

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Little love and some affections on this side,
Little Trust and passion will be nice
It’s all I desire,
I need it I cannot deny,


On lyricism, it is not surprising that Attention is lyrically embedded because Omah Lay and Justin Bieber are good songwriters.

This makes Attention have unique lyrics. I mean, you actually listen intently to the song because the lyrics sound so different.

It is not your regular afrobeat song. The lyrics are mind-blowing. They actually invite you to think about the song and pay attention to the lyrics {Pun intended}

Allowing Justin Bieber open Attention was not a bad call at all. He absolutely delivered. His lyrics on the first verse of Attention is commendable.

He sets an amazing pace for when Omah Lay takes over the song and prepares us for what is to come.

Mixing and Production

attention omah lay ft Justin bieber

Omah Lay and Justin Bieber

Whoever produced Attention deserves their credit. It is a banger, and the beats are addictive and interesting enough. The lyrics lay on it with perfect sync


Songwriting: 1.7/2

Replay Value: 1.8/2

Delivery: 1.6/2

Relatability: 1.7/2

Mixing and Production: 1.6/2

☆Total: 8.4/10

Stream Attention by Omah Lay and Justin Bieber

Omah Lay and Justin Bieber delivered! This writer loves the fact that both Omah Lay and Justin Bieber didn’t try to overdo Attention. Attention doesn’t sound desperate. It sounds like music made for people to take something from- not for TikTok, not just a name collaboration


{Omah lay}

{Justin Bieber}
Lately I been losing my mind,
Certain things I can’t find
In the middle of the night,
I’m still up
I’m still trynna decide

Should I drink up? Smoke up?
Need some…freedom…freedom…ah in my life
Should I drink up? Smoke up?
Need some…freedom…freedom…

Show some a little attention,
A little attention
Show me A-ttention
Show me a little A-ttention, yeah
Show me a little attention

{Omah Lay}
Little love and some affection on this side,
Little trust and some passion will be nice
It’s all I desire,
I need it I cannot deny,

I don see something
For my eyes only,
Ain’t no emoji
Cry him only
Ain’t no emoji
For my eyes only,

Show me a little attention
A little a-ttention
Show me a-ttention
Show me a little attention
Show me a little attention

Lately I been losing my mind,
Certain things I can’t find
In the middle of the night,
I’m still up
I’m still trynna decide

Should I drink up? Smoke up?
Need some…freedom…freedom…ah in my life
Should I drink up? Smoke up?
Need some…freedom…freedom…

Show some a little attention,
A little attention
Show me A-ttention
Show me a little attention, yeah
Show me a little attention


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A sampling of Omah Lay’s “What have we done” Ep

On November 20, 2020, Omah Lay released his five track Extended play titled ‘What have we done’.

At first, the only way we knew it was such a good project was the very massive streams that supported it on the first day of the release.

Omah Lay is a brilliant artist who is going to attain heights in the music industry. But before we shower praises, let us get into a track by track analysis.


Omah Lay successfully makes ‘My Bebe’ a good romantic song with custom lyrics. But to be honest, that is not the way to open a body of work as good as this. ‘My Bebe’ should have come third or maybe even last.

Omah sounds kind of childish on this track and if you didn’t listen to other tracks, you might think that’s how he sounds on the other ones too.

However, it still has replay value and the beats add to this. The drums are also legendary, just so legendary to put you in a romantic mood.

Like I said, it is a good song but shouldn’t have been an opener.

 omah lay attention

Omah Lay


This song is fire! Omah Lay goes ‘nobody can fit relate…all of my Nike clothes, shoes…superstar life nobody can fit relate’.

If you listened to Adekunle Gold’s ‘Fame’, then you would understand what Omah Lay is saying on this track 200%.

The lyrics perform a very good job of adequately presenting Omah Lay’s short experiences of being a superstar. ‘Can’t relate’ is a good number 2 track.


‘I thank God say I godly, say God no ungodly’.

Tell me someone with better lyrics! By now, you would have gotten a hint of Omah Lay’s songwriting abilities.

He is actually a good songwriter and like Simi, will most likely not have any bad song. Godly is supposed to be the EP opener, not because it is the greatest hit on the EP.

But because it is a deep song that would want you to listen to ‘what have we done’ severally.

Omah Lay speaks on the importance of God and how God’s grace adorns him which allows him to ‘jaiye sometimes’ as God dey ‘comfort him’

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Omah Lay’s tracks are so unique! Even on his romantic songs. I love what he did on ‘Confession’.

‘Confession’ and ‘My Bebe’ are completely different romance songs. ‘Confession’ is about his love for a girl which goes unrequited.

I also love the slow tempo of the song. When you hear lyrics like ‘Don’t you see that I am all messed up?

Listen to my confession…’ You know that ‘Confession’ is just the best title for this song.


Again, give that boy a Grammy award! Lol. ‘Damn’ is a different romance song in comparison to ‘My Bebe’ and ‘Confession’ and honestly, I think Omah Lay followed a particular sequence for his romantic songs which is genius by the way.

‘My bebe’ is a mutual acknowledgment love song. ‘Confession’ is about Omah’s obsession for a girl which goes unappreciated.

Meanwhile, in ‘Damn’, Omah declares that this time, it is the girl that is unconditionally in love with him.

He opens the song by saying ‘She loves me when I am drunk, she loves me when I am jobless…she loves me like damn!

I don’t know 6lack, but he is the best artist to feature on this song. His sync with Omah Lay is just too beautiful.

In Omah Lay’s second verse, he explains that ‘Damn’ is about a girl who loves a disobedient criminal guy against her father’s wishes.

She thinks she can turn him to be a good guy. Which is a real life situation.

I have heard songs, but I haven’t quite heard a song like ‘Damn’ before. Omah Lay and 6lack make this song perfect, just too perfect.


To be honest? Omah delivered.

I love it when new artists try to establish their sounds first before looking for big collaborations to make a name quick in the music industry. In ‘What have we done’?

Omah Lay established his sound and we love it. I must commend his dynamism on this extended play.

No two songs sounded alike. The romantic songs sounded complete different and were set on separate topics.

I also love the fact that Omah Lay explored other topics like fame, God’s grace and people’s attitude towards themselves on his project. Kudos to him.

If Omah Lay can continue his dynamism, the sky is his starting point. He honestly should continue with his sound and make modifications as he so pleases.

He is a beacon for the new generation of Nigerian artists.


Songwriting: 2 out of 2
Track sequencing: 1 out of 2
Mixing/producing: 2 out of 2
Enjoy ability: 2 out of 2
Structure/rhythm: 2 out of 2
☆Total: 9 out of 10

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