Asake yoga lyrics

Asake “Yoga” lyrics

Asake Yoga lyrics

Here is Yoga lyrics by Asake




Asake Yoga lyrics

Ololade mi Asake

Yoga yoga
I dey on my away hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yoga yoga
Yoga yoga ha ha
I dey on my away hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

Yoga yoga yoga ha ha
I dey on my away hey hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yaga yaga
Yoga yoga ha ha
I dey on my away hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

{Verse 1}
Enemies I get them too much
It’s better to get them surplus
Who go dey for you no go take off
Hmm hmm oju tele gan
Oju tele gan
Modupe mo thank God
Omo olore mo gbaye mo keko
Ori labi eteti egbe ko
Ilu labi magic ko soro
(Magic ko soro)

{Verse 2}
What can fa
What can fa
Keep distance if you wan come whine me
Malo fa
Malo far
I still balance
I still galant
Bara mi mecca
Para pass para
Alasake tin pa dollar ha

Yoga Yoga
I dey on my away hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yoga yoga
Yoga yoga ha ha
I dey on my away hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

Yoga yoga yoga ha ha
I dey on my away hey hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yaga yaga
Yoga yoga ha ha
I dey on my away hey
I dey maya
Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

Hey hey hey hey le le le le le le
hey hey le le

Tune in to the King of sounds and blues

That’s Yoga lyrics by Asake

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Asake “Yoga” lyrics meaning {Explained}


Yoga lyrics by Asake is hinged on the fact that he is practicing Yoga and nobody should disturb him as he is trying to take some time off and get some peace of mind for himself.

Asake Yoga lyrics rests majorly on the fact that while people are obsessed with their own version of his life, he is on his path trying to do what he does best with his life.

Asake‘s Yoga also talks about how people have dedicated himself to rejuvenation and peace of mind 

To an extent, Yoga lyrics by Asake presents the well known scenario of people keeping tabs on you so they can measure your progress and see if you are making any progress in life whatsoever.

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Based on Asake Yoga lyrics, these people get off on this because they want to know that you are not doing too well so they won’t feel miserable about their own lives.

However, according to Yoga by Asake, when people check his life and try to measure his success and achievements, it never stops, and they need to know that, accept that fact and move on rather than trying to see when he will fail or when he will stop.

There is also a part where we get that Yoga lyrics by Asake provides an insight into his recognition of the fact that God has brought him this far and that he is indeed destined for something great.

Yoga lyrics by Asake

It is indeed something great that people cannot understand or measure, so they should stop trying and focus on something else.

Meanwhile, Asake uses Yoga lyrics to imply that if they can’t stop at all, then they can look and measure all they want but they will keep seeing the same thing and getting the same answers anyway-

which is that his cup of blessings will always overflow no matter how much they wish it wasn’t overflowing. According to his “Keep distance if you wan whine me”

That’s what Asake Yoga lyrics mean.


If there is something about Asake, it is that he is hungry for stardom and global recognition as well as making hit songs.

The way he delivers songs is with the knowledge that it is hit home or go home. His delivery on Yoga is simply breathtaking.

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You can hear every word, every lyric. The dedication he has to his craft is simply mind-blowing and it doesn’t exceed the fact that he knows that his songs are his personal investments. Relatability explains why.


Yoga by Asake is a pretty relatable song. When people are beginning to make headway in life, there will always be people who are ever willing to measure what amount of success they have achieved or whether or not they have what it takes.

Asake is saying that his cup of blessings is overflowing and rushing as it should because people may not seem to understand why, he understands and that’s all they need to know.


Delivery: 1.6/2

Lyricism: 1.8/2

Mixing and Production: 1.3/2

Relatability: 1.6/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

Total: 8/10

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Ahmed Ololade Asake who goes by the stage name Asake is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, in the late 1990s.

At a young age, he found his musical talent, which led him to begin sharing freestyles as a means of amusing others online in his early days.

With his song “Omo Ope” topping the Nigerian Apple music charts, Asake, commonly known as “Mr Money,” is currently one of the promising young stars in the Nigerian music industry.

Some have compared his singing style to Bella Shmurda, Barry Jhay, and Zinoleesky, however his voice is softer and deeper.

Asake yoga lyrics

Due to his incredible voice and skillful use of words, he is one of the few up-and-coming musicians with the potential to dominate the Nigerian music scene. This is not surprising to many of his fans

Asake began performing at a young age and posted several freestyles online, which helped him gain popularity with his audience.

They enjoyed listening to his songs until he gained more visibility with the aid of some Nigerian influencers, including Sydney Talker, Broda Shaggi, and Tunde Ednut.

He is a committed musician who has gone by the stage name Asake ever since he became a rising celebrity.

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Asake was born and reared by parents from the Yoruba tribe in the country’s western part in Lagos, Nigeria.

He spent the majority of his formative years in the country’s southwest before moving on to study theater and performing arts at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State. Later, he moved to Lagos State to further his musical career.

He allegedly dabbled in dancing throughout the course of his career and performed as a dancer on various occasions, but he never considered it a job

But he was determined to fully focus on being a musician due to his intense love for music. In 2020, he dropped his debut single, “Mr Money,” further establishing himself as one of the most promising musicians in the Nigerian music scene.

Later, he released other songs, including “Omo Ope” with Olamide, which became popular and peaked at No. 1 on the Nigerian Apple Music list in February 2022.

Mr Money with The Vibe Album shows that Asake’s growth has increased with the need to give people an insight into his sound, and we actually do.

Asake is a dancehall artist that incorporates elements of Fuji and Afro-classic into his sound. Mr Money with The Vibe shows that Asake is more of a song performer than he is a songwriter

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