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“V”: 5 things to watch out for on Asa’s upcoming album

Asa has announced her forthcoming studio album titled “V” and fans have been gushing over it since the tracklist was revealed yesterday.

Twitter has been agog with excitement since Asa announced the album, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. There are so many things to watch out for on Asa’s V album.

The release date for Asa’s V album is Friday, February 25, 2022

We all know Asa is a leading legend now. Even though she doesn’t release new music all the time and spends time touring or doing in-house concerts, she is credited for most of the hits that graced the Nigerian music industry some few years back.

Songs like “Jailer”, “Eye Adaba” and “Eyo” were praised for the songwriting, sound engineering and dynamic sounds Asa employed in them.

Her debut studio album “Asa”– which was eponymous, saw her topping chats in France, Belgium, the United States, Nigeria and Germany. Her consequent studio albums; “Beautiful imperfection” (2010) and “Bed of Stone” (2014) followed suit and fully established her as a genius in making music.

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Although her last studio album “Lucid” (2019) did not have the critical acclaim her erstwhile albums had, it still garnered attention in Nigeria and topped some major streaming platforms.

5 things to expect on Asa’s V album

1) Collaborations

Asa and Wizkid

Asa has some very interesting features on her V album. People have been tweeting so many things since she unveiled the tracklist. Apparently, Asa’s V album features Wizkid, The Cavemen and Amaarae.

These artists have expressed so much fulfillment about being on Asa’s V album. For most of them, it is the highlight of their career. Imagine a Wizkid and Asa feature! History is about to be made.

We can’t wait for an Asa and Cavemen feature too! Asa sings rustic music and the Cavemen thrive on this genre of music too. It’s gonna be amazing! Ammarae and Asa on a song together is also very intriguing.

Asa v album

We know we are not going to be disappointed by these features because the songs on Asa’s V album are already hits before they get released.

2) Album Direction

From “Mayana” to “Ocean“, Asa has established a certain direction for her album that seems like the jaw-dropping songs she used to release back then. Asa’s V album is already set for success.

On “Mayana“, the title of the song appears funny, but apparently, it’s what she wants to be for the guy, she says:

“You will be my forever…I’ll be your Mayana”

“What does Asa’s “Mayana” mean?

Historically, “Mayana” is of Hebrew origin and means “Well spring of life”. By saying “I’ll be your Mayana”, Asa may mean “I’ll be your well spring of life”. Although there are several views of what “Mayana” means.

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Some claim it’s of South African origin, meaning “Lucky you”, another says it’s of African origin meaning “Nice of you” while others say it refers to the “fifth month- May”.

The last meaning associated with “Mayana” is that it means you have “psychic powers”.

However, of these many definitions, “Well spring of life” appears to be the closest and most reasonable thing that approximates to what Asa means in her song “Mayana”

The hook is amazing! Asa goes…

“Nothing but our love,
Nothing but our love,
Nothing but the smile on our face cos we know say…”

Asa also successfully establishes the image of hanging out and enjoying life with her lover in an island. “Fish and Banana” is probably her “chilling” snack as she says she wants plenty “Fish and Banana”. It might even be her lover’s best food/snack.

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“Mayana” is sweet enough and this sweetness is even made sustained because the song has enough lyrics that are repeated enough to stick with the listener. It also made sense that the song ended short. It makes the listener want to listen to it repeatedly.

Kudos to Asa on this song.

“Mayana” is a good love song because it has some authenticity and dynamism of Asa’s songwriting. It doesn’t sound at all like the kind of common romantic song you hear blasting in the speakers.

It sounds like music written and performed by a veteran. It is devoid of needless lyrics and the sound just pampers the music so much that it gives the song a danceable tune but still makes it retain its romantic tune.

3) Classic Alternative music

In Nigeria, and most African and European countries, Asa has been the Queen of Alternative music.

By alternative music, we mean that she sings a genre of music distinct from mainstream or contemporary music. It has a different reminiscent tune.

Asa V album release date

Something you don’t get to hear on most songs. Which is what we’ll get to hear on her V album

This is why Asa has always been described as a queen in her own lane. It doesn’t seem like she makes music specifically for streams or competition. She makes it because it is an expression of her art; her person.

With Asa’s V album, there should be high expectations of classic Alternative music.

4) Mixing and Production

Asa has never disappointed with her choice of producers on a song or an album, and we hope that her V album will be no exception. Asa’s V album will offer so much dynamic beats and sounds like never before.

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5) Attention

Of course, expect so much attention on Asa’s V album. She has Wizkid and The Cavemen on the album for crying out loud, and Wizkid appears to be the hottest afrobeats artist right now.

So yes, from Asa’s V album, expect interesting features like Wizkid, Amaarae and The Cavemen. Also expect Classic Alternative music and intriguing mixing and production.

Pre-order Asa’s V album below:

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