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“A Sunday Affair” Netflix Movie: All you need to know

“A Sunday Affair” Netflix Movie: All you need to know

A Sunday Affair Netflix Movie: All you need to know

Here is all you need to know about Ebonylife’s A Sunday Affair Netflix movie released on February 14 to coincide with Valentine ’s Day




A Sunday Affair Netflix Movie follows the story of two ladies- Uche (Nse-Ikpe Etim) and Toyin (Dakore Egbuson) who unknowingly fall in love with the same man- Sunday. They do not know that they have fallen in love with the same man and things get very complicated and out of hand when they realize that they would have to suffer a heartbreak because even the man they have fallen in love with has complicating issues too.

The Netflix movie is tagged “A Sunday Affair” because the name of the man is Sunday and it involves an affair with two women who are lifelong friends. The result is the creation of a love triangle that puts the friends in quandary

Darrel Bristow-Bovey, Mo Abudu, and Nnegest Likké wrote the film’s screenplay along with Walter Taylaur, who is best known for directing Inside Story. It was created by EbonyLife Media and will last approximately 1 hour, 36 minutes.


Cast of A Sunday Affair Movie

A Sunday Affair Netflix Movie stars Dakore Egbuson as Toyin, Nse-Ikpe Etim as Uche, Oris Erhuero as Sunday. In Supporting roles, A Sunday Affair Netflix movie has an ensemble cast of Alex Ekubo, Uzor Osimpkpa, Chris Iheuwa and Hilda Dokunbo

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Lifelong best friends Uche and Toyin fall for the same difficult man, which puts their friendship to the test as they deal with a painful revelation, according to the official synopsis of the movie.

The trailer opens with Uche and Toyin meeting at a wedding, where it can be seen that Uche and Sunday are getting to know one another as well as more.

A sunday affair movie

Dakore Egbuson/ Chris Erhuero

Soon after, we see Sunday and Toyin getting on a train together, and romance seems to be in the air between them as well. The two best friends are unaware that they are talking about the same person when they are sharing their love stories with one another.

When Toyin learns she has cancer, the relationship becomes tragic rather than the standard love triangle. Sunday is no longer allowed to be that guy who dumps a person because of their illness.

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Soon later, Sunday and Uche are seen arguing, but they decide not to say anything because their ailing friend needs them to keep it a secret.

Sunday admits to being in love with both of them at the end of the trailer, but he has to pretend to be Toyin’s lover in front of Uche, who he also likes. We’ll see who he ultimately choose to date in the end, as well as whether Toyin ever learns that she is having a three-way romance with her own closest friend.


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What to learn from A Sunday Affair

A Sunday Affair Netflix movie points out that Love and relationships can be complicated, and quite scary. It also establishes that it can be a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile, A Sunday Affair Netflix movie draws attention to the fact that Love is not as basic as people think it is, and we should be considerate in the choices we make even in loving some people and choosing to be with them.

A sunday affair netflix

For example, Toyin and Uche falling in love with the same man had the potential of creating a chasm between their friendship just because of a man who isn’t clear about his feelings.


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Ebonylife TV is an entertainment TV channel owned by Mosunmola Abudu popularly called Mo Abudu, It was launched on DSTV on July, 2013 after which the station was later added to DSTV in September 2014.

After partnering and satisfying the executive arrangement Ebonylife TV had with DSTV for over five years, Ebonylife TV ended its arrangement with DSTV and proceeded on August, 2018 to start broadcasting on StarTimes network.

The partnership with startimes was to foster and improve homegrown content to viewers and subscribers in Africa and to also allow Nigerians and viewers generally enjoy the service at a more affordable rate.

In 2021, Ebonylife TV announced the launch of Ebonylife Creative Academy, which is aimed at improving the quality of local film production, with a partnership with the Lagos State Government, Ebonylife creative academy provides short and professional courses on film making, media content and other related courses.

Ebonylife TV and media became the first African media house to sign a deal with Netflix and this has made Netflix get the right to the new movies produced by Ebonylife TV such as Castle and Castle amongst others.

In March 2018, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) announced that they had concluded a three-year deal with EbonyLife TV that would include co-production of The Dahomey Warriors, a series about the Amazons who took on French colonialists in a 19th-century West African kingdom.

In January 2020, AMC Networks (USA) announced its partnership with EbonyLife to produce Nigeria 2099, an afrofuturistic crime-drama created by EbonyLife.

In February 2020, a new partnership between EbonyLife TV and Netflix was announced.

The streaming giant acquired EbonyLife’s drama series: Castle & Castle, Fifty, Sons of the Caliphate, ‘On the Real, along with a reality show, The Dating Game and feature film, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel.

Ebonylife TV added to their achievements by securing rights together with Will Packer Productions and Universal Pictures to produce a movie on Hushpuppi, who was arrested recently for fraudulent activities.

On November 29, 2021, it is announced that subsidiary EbonyLife Media had received a development deal with BBC Studios

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