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Blaqbonez “Breaking The Yoke Of Love” Lyrics

Blaqbonez “Breaking The Yoke Of Love” Lyrics

Blaqbonez “Breaking The Yoke Of Love Lyrics”

Here is Breaking The Yoke Of Love Lyrics by Blaqbonez ft Chike and Raybekah

Breaking The Yoke Of Love Lyrics

{Intro: Chike & Raybekah}
Sometime love is sweet
Sometimes love is peace
But these days, love is wicked
Sometimes love is sweet
Sometime love is peace
But these days, love, love is wicked
Hmm, sometimes love is joy
Sometimes love is peace
But these days, love is wicked
Sometimes love is peace
Sometimes love is strength
But these days, lo-o-love is wicked

{Verse: Blaqbonez}
(Breaking, breaking)
Fuck Cinderella
Fuck Beauty and the beast
Fuck all they made me believe
Life ain’t no fairy tale,
life ain’t no Adam and Eve
They ain’t no soul mates
There ain’t no one person

out there that’s for you
That’s stupid as fuck mate
In a whole planet of seven billion people
Somebody told me that one is enough
That’s crazy
‘Cause everywhere that I turn I’m looking at Baddies,
I’m looking at Nancy (Osas nko?)
I love her too (Ayra Starr?)
Pearl cardy too
Oh my days Tems just posted

You know I want her too
Open your eyes my nigga, there’s always gon’
be an ass that’s fatter
There’s always gon’ be a waist that’s slimmer
There’s always gon’ be a chic that’s
Okay you love yours, that’s cool
But she
She still gon’ talk to her ex you know it

When she go out in that dress,
There’s somebody out there that’s throwing more stacks
You think, you think
You are the only one she sending streaks to?
Swear these humans would liar and deceive you
All my life mehn I’ve seen so much evil
If dem tell you the truth e go weak you

Like Portable said “Dem go rip you”
So we breaking the yoke and we breaking,
We breaking, we breaking, we breaking, we breaking

{Bridge: Chike & Raybekah}
Say Amen (Amen)
Amen (Amen)
Amen (Amen)
Amen, Amen
Say Amen (Amen)
Say Amen (Amen)
Say Amen (Amen)

Breaking, breaking, breaking
We breaking, breaking, breaking
We breaking, breaking, breaking
We breaking
Breaking, breaking, breaking
We breaking, breaking, breaking
We breaking
We breaking, breaking

That’s Breaking the yoke of love lyrics

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Emeka Akumefule (born 29 January 1996), known professionally as Blaqbonez, is a Nigerian rapper signed to 100 Crowns, which is an imprint of Chocolate City.
Blaqbonez is a Nigerian rapper known for blending Pidgin English and English in his music.

In 2019, he was profiled by The New York Times as one of the new guards of Nigerian music. He is widely known for his controversial self-proclaimed status as the “Best Rapper in Africa” (abbreviated as “BRIA”), which became the most talked about topic in the Nigerian hip hop space between July and September 2019.

After carving out one of rap’s most loyal fan bases, Blaqbonez unleashed his debut album “Sex Over Love” to a public that was more than ready to receive it. His unorthodox approach and humorous personality, resonated with the younger generation, and earned him co-signs from the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy.

Blaqbonez breaking the yoke of love lyrics

He was 13 years old when he discovered he could rap, and his journey into music was a result of happenstance. He self-discovered his talent while listening to the radio with his cousin, when the song of a 12-year-old rapper was played. His cousin liked the song and challenged Blaqbonez to come up with his own lyrics, since he liked criticizing rappers.

A few minutes later, he had enough bars for a verse, and that was where it all began.

His parents were not in support of his newfound hobby so he secretly pursued his passion. While in school, he dropped his first project, Hip-Hop in Blaq, and participated in competitions.

In 2011, Blaqbonez started participating in underground rap battles. He eventually won Terry Tha Rapman’s Zombie Competition aged in 2012, beating 3000 rappers in the challenge.

In the same year, he featured on Terry’s 2012 mixtape titled “World Domination” alongside top Nigerian musicians including Olamide, Vector, Mode 9, and Spellz. Five years later, Blaqbonez featured Terry on one of his projects

He emerged 1st runner-up in Vector’s King Kong competition, won the Rhythm fm Freestyle Fury and became RhythmFm’s artiste of the month, became the Hennessy Vs class captain, part of the Soundcity blast cypher, also released his much talked about mixtape CTAT “Cssette Tapes and Tvs” grossing over 60,000 engagements in streams and downloads, which is his third mixtape, following hip-hop in blaq and the “unfinished EP

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