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Mavin “Won Da Mo” Meaning {Fully Explained}

Mavin “Won Da Mo” Meaning {Fully Explained}

Mavin Won da Mo Meaning 

Here is Won Da Mo Meaning  by Mavin Records. Won da Mo is a follow up to their hit lead single “Overdose” and the second single from their forthcoming all-star compilation studio album.


Won Da mo Meaning  by Mavin

🎶Song: Won Da mo

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Artists: Rema, Ayra Starr, Boy Spyce, Bayanni, Crayon, Johnny Drille

📀Genre: Afropop, Dancehall


Mavin Won Da Mo Meaning.

Won da mo is a song of celebration, of status assurance, of pride, and of the record-breaking company Mavin Records is

Mavin Won da mo Meaning is to show that Mavin Records has come a long way among Record Labels in Africa. If there were a list of the Top 10 Record Labels in Nigeria, Mavin Records would definitely be number one.

Won da mo Meaning mavin

Mavin Records/Artists

It is therefore not surprising that Won da mo Meaning by Mavin focuses on cheering themselves on for a job well done and for sticking together to produce such a record label that is such a record to reckon with.

In English “Wo da mo” means: “They know it”. Contextually, Won Da mo here means that people have recognised mavin records and the artists as the kings and Queens of music in Africa.


Rema “Won da mo” Meaning

Wake up in the morning, hallelujah
Chasin’ the money
Chasin’ the bag
No lookin’ back
Me and my gang
Steady fire we leave no gap
Gucci, Gucci, Louis V
Mix my Monster with Hennessy
My eye don dirty, I no fit see
The smell of doings shall lead me
Baby girl, why you cryin’?

Clean your tears with my currency
Bullion van outside the club
Who tell you say we need protection?
Hop in my all black challenger
All road leadin’ to the dynasty
We know ourself and they know we
Hm, they know we

Won da mo (Won da mo)
Atin lo (Atin lo)
Otilo (Otilo)
Oti nlo (Oti nlo), mhm-oh
Owo nlo (Owo nlo)
Owo nbo (Owo nbo)
Won da mo (Won da mo)
The money long 

Rema opens Won da mo Meaning  By Mavin and enforces how they are so steady with working hard, making amazing records and enjoying the good life while serving listeners with amazing tunes.

He says he is always enjoying himself and that his bullion van is the way to go. He then proceeds into the chorus to say that people know them because of their prowess, because of their power and because they are formidable.


Won Da Mo Meaning {Boy Spyce}

So what you gonna do? (Mogaraku)
All of my guys are ballers
All my ladies too (My ladies)
All of my ladies too, ah
Pull up to the pool party
Afelo faji tori aowaleku
Na me order the azul (Bayanni)

{Verse 3: Bayanni}
Pull up in a brand new Beamer, eh
Know the money be like river, eh
Who? Dey no get liver, eh
Who? Ain’t nobody bigger, eh
Talo be, talo be, talo fe te
Tati fah esss, pelu shekpe
Yeah we came with the spray and the pepper
Spray and the pepper, yeah

By the time Boy Spyce comes in with his version of Mavin Won da mo Meaning , we are already so obsessed with his voice and his dexterity! His Meaning on Won da mo by Mavin is also majorly about enjoyment and how they are going to the pool party to enjoy themselves


Won da mo Meaning {Bayanni}

Can we just applaud Bayanni for his verse on Won da mo? Mavin Won da mo Meaning  was highly exalted by Bayanni and his really cool verse when he talks about them having a whole life in front of them and then smoking “shepe” The way he gets very dynamic with that part is noteworthy.



Crayon did justice in assisting the chorus on Won da mo. Such a huge talent!



It’s Magixx’s amazing delivery and rhyme! 


Won Da Mo Meaning {Ladipoe}

They underrated me
That thing they say to me
Rap no sell ’til them start to pay money
Now they come back with a track to play for me
To get me on that need an application fee
This track was made for me

Pastor pray for me
‘Cause me I no know where this high has taken me
You for like park on the chart no vacancy
We want it all now fuck waitin’ patiently


Ladipoe always delivers! And on Won da Mo Meaning  by Mavin, he brought all his balls. He says that the amazing records they have made as a team, and individually has made them be at the forefront because they are such amazing artists that just can’t stop making hit songs! Hi rap on Won da mo is also crazy- just applaudable.


Won da Mo Meaning {Ayra Starr}

Step in’a the room and the energy
wey me carry enter, olewu
Sabi never lose you know when
I dish am them go chop am, belleful
Otilo, it’s far gone
Them no fit to fathom

Nothing close to random
No dey beg your pardon
Eh, eh, eh
To the left, to the right,
dribble them like e Messi
Eh, eh, eh
All your girls and your
boys them dey crush on my body
Eh, eh, eh
And I move with God, so victory is certain
Eh, eh, eh
They got nothing on me

“Loaded” lyrics Tiwa Savage ft Asake


The queen herself! Ayra Starr made Won da mo a classic.

Won da mo Meaning

By the time she sets in with Mavin Won da mo Meaning of her own version, we are getting Goosebumps already as she says “Stepping in the room the energy I carry o lewu!” which translates to “Stepping into the room and the energy I exude is terrifying” Her comparisons and metaphors are absolutely breathtaking.


Johnny Drille

Johnny with the voice of an angel! His voice rounding off Mavin Won da mo  sounds like honey and it caresses the ears so much. It is the perfect way to end Won da mo.


Stream Won da mo here

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Seyi Vibez “Darling” Lyrics

Seyi Vibez “Darling” Lyrics

Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics

Here is Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics ft Simi

Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics

{Intro: Seyi Vibez & Simi}
Mm-mm, uh
Uh-uh, uhn
Can you simi now?
Vibe Boy

{Chorus: Seyi Vibez}

Oh my darling, you high pass Pami (Pami)
God bless your mommy (mommy),
for this your body (body)
I want to lavish (lavish), all my money
(money), on top your body oh
I want to rock your body oh, ah-ah
Darling, you high pass Pami
God bless your mommy, for this your body
I want to lavish, all my money, on top your body oh
I want to rock your body oh, ah-ah, ahn

{Verse 1: Seyi Vibez}
When she text, I dey text right back
Her selfie pon mi Snapchat
She said “I’ma ride or die”
That’s why she be my type
Gimme your love, I no go use you play
I no fit wait make you bear my name
Holla my name, baby, holla my name
Oluwaloseyi, baby, holla my name

{Chorus: Seyi Vibez}
Oh my darling (uh-uh, uh-uh), you high pass Pami
(you high pass Pami)
God bless your mommy (God bless your mommy),
for this your body (for this you-r-r)
I want to lavish (lavida loca), all my money
(oh-oh, oh), on top your body oh
I want to rock your body oh,
ah-ah (body, body, ah)

{Verse 2: Simi}
When he call, I go call right back
I love am just like that (that)
He said “baby, you′re for me” (you′re for me)
But, make he no do koni oh (koni oh)
He said “let me love you, baby, mashe ko mi oh”
Me ride for you, me no lie for you, oh baby
Whenever you need me oh, baby, sh’oma pe mi?
I just want to tell you b′oshen shey mi
I love you forever, bae
Never say never, ay
O t’ojo meta, bae
Write me love letter oh

{Chorus: Seyi Vibez & Simi}
Oh my darling (oh my darling),
you high pass Pami (b′oshen pa mi)
God bless your mommy (oshey, mama mi),
for this your body (ooh-ooh)
I want to lavish (want to lavish, loader),

all my money (money spending),
on top your body oh (body oh)
I want to rock your body oh,
ah-ah (rock your body oh)
Darling (oh my darling),
you high pass Pami (you high pass Pami)
God bless your mommy (God bless your mommy),
for this your body (mm-mm, uh)
I want to lavish (I want to, ayy),
all my money, on top your body oh
I want to rock your body oh, ah-ah

{Outro: Seyi Vibez}
Ah-yy-ah, ra-ra-ra
For li-i-i-i
We go dey for li-i-i-i
Oyinmomo, you can rest on mi shoulder
Ah-yy-ah, ra-ra-ra
(We go) for li-i-i-i
We go dey for li-i-i-i
For life, uh-uh
Oyinmomo, uh-uh

Thats Darling Lyrics Seyi Vibez ft Simi

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Seyi Vibez “Chance” Lyrics

Top 100 Apple Music Nigeria Today | Top 10 Chart

Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics is used to show how Seyi Vibez appreciates his woman all the time despite what people tell him to do.

To an extent, Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics represents how most men, or a few men, do not mind respecting their women despite what people say that women should be cared for, but never loved- which is absurd.

Based on Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics, he loves her for who she is and not for the fact that he is meant to love her.

Darling Lyrics Seyi Vibez

This points out how he is faithful to her because of attachment. So yes, Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics drives home the concept of how men get attached to a woman and vice-versa, and how they can’t do without each other.

This is what Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics imply and to some extent, there is a signaling of loving the woman based on how she has been able to present herself as a woman worthy to be loved.

The lyrics show that he really doesn’t care whether or not there are other beautiful girls. He is concerned about that one lady.

Mavin “Won Da Mo” Lyrics

Therefore, it highlights that men should not actually bother chasing other women when they have the one. There is no point, and this is what Seyi Vibez Darling Lyrics points out


Seyi Vibez’s delivery on Woman is everything short of applauding. First, he sounds like he was forced to record this track.

True, Woman by Seyi Vibez sounds like he is singing from a personal experience, but what’s up with the delivery? Seyi Vibez does not deliver songs like this. She delivers passionately but subtly.

Darling by Seyi Vibez is relatable in the sense that men would actually do everything for their women when they are in love, and they see that the woman they Darling is worthy of being in Darling with.

Seyi vibez darling lyrics ft simi

They don’t care what other people say or how other people feel what matters is what they feel. In fact, Seyi Vibez implies in the song that men should not be infidel once they Darling a woman because she should be the only one they see.


As mentioned, the major flaw with Seyi Vibez’s Darling is Seyi Vibez’s delivery and how his voice rarely rises above the mix.

“Cough” Lyrics by Kizz Daniel

The mixing and production almost never helps the song or complements Seyi Vibez’s delivery on Darling at any point. Also, while the lyrics sound a bit interesting but unoriginal, they are not delivered as much as they should have been


Delivery: 1/2

Lyricism: 1.5/2

Relatability: 1.6/2

Mixing and Production: 1.3/2

Replay Value: 1.4/2

☆Total: 7/10

Stream Darling here

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