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“Circo Loco” Lyrics Meaning {Fully Explained} Drake, 21 Savage

“Circo Loco” Lyrics Meaning {Fully Explained} Drake, 21 Savage

Drake ft. 21 Savage Circo Loco Lyrics Meaning {Explained}

Here is the meaning of Circo Loco by Drake featuring 21 Savage. The song is off their joint album titled “Her Loss”



Circo Loco Lyrics Meaning

Circo Loco lyrics meaning infers a diss song about Megan Thee Stallion causing a dwindle in Tory Lanez’s career because she allegedly reported that he shot her on the leg.

According to Drake, she is definitely lying and she only did that because she wanted to get back at Tory Lanez for whatever reason. Drake is mad he won’t be seeing his Canadian rapper buddy {whom he calls “Crodie“} for a long time, and he blames Megan Thee Stallion for everything.

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Circo Loco Lyrics Meaning {Verse 1} Drake

VERSE 1 (Drake):
I been blowing through the money like it grow on trees
I been fucking on a French bitch, c’est la vie
I just put ’em on a jet, now they all Italian
Way I’m dressing, ’til I been to a thousand islands
This bitch lie ’bout getting shots, but she still a stallion
She don’t even get the joke, but she still smiling
Every night late night like I’m Jimmy Fallon
Crod’ shoot from anywhere like he Ray Allen
Crodie, turn me up
Crodie, turn me up
Crodie, turn me up
Got a fur on in Tampa got me burning up
Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn еnough
Play your album track one, ‘kay, I heard enough
Girl, thе driver downstairs, better hurry up
Savage got a new stick, he wanna dirt it up
Touchdown in N.Y., turn the Mercer up
Ayy, Bottega shades with the grey tints
Introduce me to a nigga, yeah, it make sense
Gotta put her on the team, got a great bench

Linking with the opps, bitch, I did that shit for J Prince
Bitch, I did it for the Mob Ties
Feel like seventeen, two percs, frog eyes
And I never been the one to go apologize
Me, I’d rather hit ’em up one more time
Aye, known a girl for six months, dinner up at my place
But I got these diamonds on my neck so it’s a blind date
All my niggas on the roads raising up the crime rate
Your name not ringing out here, it’s on vibrate
And she took a skull now shorty gotta hydrate
And he did some dirt now my crodie gotta migrate
Prolly won’t see him for some years, when I do though
Turn me up
Crodie, turn me up
Crodie, turn me up
Aye, Crodie, turn me
Aye, yeah, what? Crodie, turn me

Here, Circo Loco lyrics meaning is inferred as Drake begins to question the true facts behind Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting in 2020, when she was shot by Tory Lanez after she tried to walk away from an heated conversation with him.

Circo loco lyrics meaning here definitely infers Megan Thee Stallion because the pointers are just too obvious, and too many.

We have expressions like “But she still a Stallion”, “Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn enough”

After having two top ten hits in 2020, Megan Thee Stallion graduated with a degree from Texas Southern University in Houston.

Circo loco meaning Drake

Megan Thee, Drake

Drake says she might have graduated college but there is still so much about life she is yet to learn and he says that getting allegedly shot by Tory Lanez does not automatically translate to being a victim. He outright said she lied about getting shot.

At this stage, Circo Loco lyrics meaning by Drake extends the diss to Megan Thee Stallion’s latest album “Traumazine” which sold 20k in the first week of its release.

He said “Play your album, track one, ‘Kay, I heard enough”. Not only does he not feel her album, he believes she just isn’t that talented enough as she claims.

There is also something to grasp here as inferred by Circo Loco Lyrics meaning by Drake. Tory Lanez, like Drake, is a Canadian Rapper.

He is Drake’s homeboy, and if Tory says that Megan is lying about getting shot, this may be the only “legal” way to get revenge on Megan Thee Stallion for putting a red mark on Tory Lanez’s career

Circo Loco lyrics meaning by Drake further delves into the fact that Megan “Took a score” and  now Tory is “hydrating”, which is a metaphor for Tory’s dwindling career, while Tory Lanez, his dude “Did some dirt and now has to migrate”.

He is annoyed that he doesn’t even know the next time he is going to see Tory Lanez and it’s all because of what Megan Thee Stallion said “allegedly” happened.

Meanwhile, he calls Tory Lanez his “Crodie“, possibly an endearing term between them, and says he is willing to turn up with Tory anytime.


What does Drake mean by Crodie in Circo Loco?

Crod,” or “crodie”, is a crip alteration of the term “brodie”, originating from Toronto’s Northside Jane and Finch neighborhood. Drizzy namedrops two-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer Ray Allen, who once held the NBA record for most three-point field goals made.

This is not the first time that Drake uses the term—on his May 2020 Playboi Carti-assisted “Pain 1993,” he raps:

I love my crodie to death (Codeine)



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Circo Loco Lyrics Meaning {Verse 2} 21 Savage

VERSE 2 (21 Savage):
21, in a droptop Benz like it’s ’03
21, had the shooters ain’t down from the nosebleeds
21, gotta get this passport, keep my nose clean
Bitch tried to burn me up
Keep a man on tuck (Yeah)
I’a never slip (Never)
SF90 rims red like a poker chip (Pussy)
Rich as hell, still hood, in the stroker’s ville (Pussy)
Pink slip in the glove for the ownership (21)
Limping with the .30 on like a broke hip (21)
Red flag giving blood on some doner shit (On God)
All the opps get a bullet on some Oprah shit
Went from Angel Town estates to a bigger state
Prolly woulda had a zombie on me if I woulda stayed (21)
Still a caught a case if I woulda stayed (Facts)
I been thugging all my life, that’s just how I play it (Facts)
Still posted in the A’ where niggas feel me
Still gotta see the Gunners on Premier League (21)
Still gotta keep a gun that’s always near me
And I’m down to hit ’em up


Circo Loco lyrics meaning as implied by 21 Savage says that he was smart enough not to get blacklisted by the “Bitch” as he is always careful about those things.

Circo loco lyrics meaning Drake Megan Thee

He then begins to name all the things he has garnered despite the many challenges life and people have thrown at him. He says that he has “been thugging all his life” and that status has afforded him a shelter that has kept him and his assets safe so no “bitch” would come mess that up.


Genius annotation: 

Angell Town Estate is a housing estate located in the Brixton area of South West London. Though 21 was born in Newham, East London – he moved to South West London. Legendary London MC Sneakbo hails from the Estate and has popularised the area. Drake also labelled him as an inspiration in the early 2010’

21 still has family in the estate, such as his brother Terrell Davis – known in music as TM1way – who was unfortunately stabbed to death in November 2020 near the area.

The estate is also known to have some of the highest gang violence rates in the city. A “zombie” alludes to a “zombie knife” or a “zombie killer” – a type of knife in which have sharp serrated edges and words etched on to them inspired by zombie apocalypse movies. They are vastly popular within London gang violence have since been banned from being sold and imported.

Due to this “thug” demeanour, even if 21 stayed in London and didn’t move over to Atlanta – he knew he would have gotten caught up in gang violence in the area – much like his late brother did

Circo Loco Lyrics Meaning {Explained}

Circo Loco lyrics meaning infers a diss song about Megan Thee Stallion causing a dwindle in Tory Lanez’s career because she allegedly reported that he shot her on the leg.

According to Drake, she is definitely lying and she only did that because she wanted to get back at Tory Lanez for whatever reason. Drake is mad he won’t be seeing his Canadian rapper buddy for a long time, and he blames Megan Thee Stallion for everything.


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Stream Circo Loco here


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How to Solve “Discovered currently not indexed” issues

How to Solve “Discovered currently not indexed” issues

How to solve Discovered currently not indexed 

The most annoying thing is writing a post you were sure was going to rank on the first page on Google, and going there to find that the post has not even been indexed because according to Google, it just doesn’t want to put it there.

It says: Discovered, currently not indexed. This happens when:

  1. Google bots/spider discover a post but they decide not to rank it for a number of reasons
  2. The post is not “worthy” enough to be indexed because there are other already available “useful” content on the web
  3. There is a site wide issue


After hours of editing and intentional SEO efforts? Well, here is how to solve Discovered currently not indexed by Google Search bots.


How to fix Discovered currently not indexed 


Discovered Currently not Indexed


1) Repost with a different Writer account

How to solve Discovered currently not indexed

One of the major reasons for Discovered currently not indexed is that Google spiders allocate crawl requests and number of index posts to sites- especially small sites. When these crawl requests number of index posts are at peak, they “discover” the post but they decide not to index it because they are simply acting on orders. 

It’s like being given a ticket to a concert but you want to “smuggle” in someone else. Nah, the bouncers are going to kick off that person. Unfortunately, the “bouncers” here are Google Spiders acting on orders and the person about to be kicked off is your post.

But there is a way around it.

To solve Discovered currently not indexed by Google, you have to repost that particular blog post under another writer account.

Let me clarify, for those who use WordPress or Blogger as their CMS (Content Management System), it is expected that you have more than one account (other than your admin account) where you post your articles.

Even if you run your blog alone, it is advisable to have more than one account. There is a major one you use frequently, and the others, you post through them once in a while. This situation is one of those reasons.

For example, if you post under your name, you should create another writer account/Contributor or Author account for your blog.

You see, Google bots, (although not fact-checked), but through observations, can tell the amount of posts under a particular writer/publisher on a blog account. When you take that post and publish it under another writer account on the same blog, they know that it’s been some time since that account has posted, and they HAVE to crawl that account.

This also happens when you have been posting through your major account too much. This is one of the many tested ways we have solved the issue of Discovered currently not indexed by Google.


2) Take a day break from posting

On how to solve discovered currently not indexed by Google, we said you should repost the particular article on another writer account.

This works 70% of the time, and yes, the remaining 30% happens. And when it does, you don’t have to despair. It means you really have used up your indexing allocation and you have to wait for 24-48 hours so there is a new indexing allocation for you.

These are unsaid but known things in the Search Engine Results Pages Bots’ Behaviors, as we have observed them over time.

We know that part of the month where our posts get slammed with the “Discovered currently not indexed” issue and we have tried these methods all the time, and they have ALWAYS worked.

There is always a way to fix Discovered currently not indexed by Google, and these first two ways are the best and the easiest.

You also shouldn’t despair about reposting the article. You need to know that the post does not have the issue- the indexing allocation is used up.

The times we persevered to repost the articles, we found out that we could have lost huge amounts of traffic if we didn’t post those articles.

There have been times when the post was consequently automatically indexed after the whole “Discovered currently not indexed” sign, but this can take several days, and in such occurrences, the post/article almost never ends up ranking on google.

So, try reposting and wait for the magic to happen.


3) Ensure there is no site wide issue

Fix Discovered currently not indexed

In solving Discovered currently not indexed  by Google, you have to make sure there is no site wide issue or anything that prevents your posts from  getting indexed by Google.

If there is, Google Search Console will put a condition under the link assessment that says that the particular post has been exempted from being exempted by the owner of the site intentionally.

This seldom happens, and we are mentioning it because it sounds like something that could happen. But it rarely does. In the event that it does, Google Search Console will state that is the reason it is not being indexed.

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4) Acquire more backlinks/referring domains

This is a long-term solution for Discovered currently not indexed issues by Google, but you will thank me later.

The bigger your site gets, and the more  people visit your site, the more Google bost understand that the information you provide is relevant and needs to get to people out there. In fact, you will see some blogs that post and rank five minutes later.

They have come so far because of their power. Once you acquire enough quality and strong backlinks from Good referring domains, you are set on having almost all your posts indexed by Google automatically and in a matter of minutes.


How to fix Discovered currently not indexed

  1. Repost with a different writer account
  2. Take 24 hours before posting anything on your blog
  3. Ensure there is no site wide issue
  4. Long term: Acquire powerful backlinks from quality referring domains


This fix for Discovered currently not indexed issues have been tested and has proved effective several times!

We hope you found this article useful enough to share to people you know need it.

Thanks for reading!

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“Elèsin Oba: The King’s Horseman” Netflix Movie: All you need to know

“Elèsin Oba: The King’s Horseman” Netflix Movie: All you need to know

Elesin Oba: The Kings Horseman Netflix Movie: All you need to know

Here is all you need to know about Elesin Oba The Kings Horseman Netflix Movie.

Elesin Oba The Kings Horseman Netflix Movie

I have to report, that one prominent chief- namely “The Elesin Oba”, is to commit death tonight as a result of Native custom”


Set in Oyo in the 1940s, Elesin Oba The King’s Horseman will thrill Netflix viewers…



Background of Elesin Oba Movie

Elesin Oba The kings Horseman Movie builds upon the true story on which Soyinka based the play, to focus on the character of Elesin, the King’s Horseman of the title. 

According to some Yoruba traditions, the death of the king must be followed by the ritual suicide of the king’s horseman as well as the king’s dog and horse, because the horseman’s spirit is essential to helping the King’s spirit ascend to the afterlife.

Elesin oba movie

Odunlade Adekola

Otherwise, the king’s spirit will wander the earth and bring harm to his people. 

The first half of the play documents the process of this ritual, with the potent, life-loving figure Elesin living out his final day in celebration before the ritual process begins. At the last minute, the local colonial administrator, Simon Pilkings, intervenes, the suicide being viewed as illegal and unnecessary by the colonial authorities.

“Brotherhood” Nigerian Movie 2022: All you need to know


About Elesin Oba The kings Horseman Netflix Movie

Elesin Oba the Kings Horseman Netflix movie revolves around a prominent tradition in the Yoruba Land where the Elesin Oba has to die alongside the king so as to accompany him to heaven.

Elesin Oba The kings Horseman Netflix movie is set during the colonial era of the Nigeria; when the whites came to colonize Nigeria.

In Elesin Oba, the colonizers couldn’t make sense of the tradition as they couldn’t comprehend any possible reason why someone had to die with the king.

Elesin Oba Netflix Movie


However, Tradition must be carried out and respected and Elesin Oba The Kings Horseman Netflix Movie revolves around this old but currently non-existent Yoruba Tradition.

Elesin Oba The Kings Horseman movie is an adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s book of the same name “Death and the Kings Horseman” and it is directed and written by Biyi Bandele

Meet the Cast of “Anikulapo” Movie



In a certain village, The king died and as tradition dictates, Elesin Oba: The Kings Horseman, must die with him for safe passage to the land of the dead.

Elesin Oba Netflix Movie sees a tradition that has been upheld by hundreds of years challenged by the morality of the colonizers.

They claim that since the king is dead, it is a criminal offence to kill another person just so he can accompany the King. 

Elesin oba Netflix movie

In Elesin Oba Netflix Movie, the basis of the Colonizers argument is that nobody needs anyone to accompany each other to the land of the dead and that death does not work that way.

Regardless , Elesin Oba The kings Horseman Movie challenges the logic behind this tradition and sees the Kings Horseman himself angered by the White man’s insistence to stop him from killing himself and accompanying himself.

It is believed that if he doesn’t, the gods would be angered and things would go wrong for the villagers.

Elesin Oba The kings Horseman Netflix movie further progresses when the Kings Horseman (Character played by Odunlade Adekola), sends for his son Olunde (Character played by Deyemi Okanlawon) who has come to bury his father who wants to kill himself because tradition demands it.

The Kings Horseman’s son does not want his father (Character played by Odunlade Adekola) to die.

Meanwhile, he is at a dilemma because his education was sponsored by the White Man (Simon Pilkings) who now believes that his level of education should have afforded him enough intellectual deductive reasoning to know that such barbaric tradition offends morality.

The kings Horseman Netflix movie offers a trajectory into the life of Elesin Oba (Character played by Odunlade Adekola) who let his intelligent son go to The White Man’s land to get educated.

Meanwhile he must fulfil his sacred duty of dying for his king. He is distracted by sexual allure of a woman, and then there’s the White man

But will the White men let him? And won’t all hell break lose because his journey is a tortuous one?




Release Date

Elesin Oba The kings Horseman movie starts showing on Netflix on Friday, November 4, 2022. Click here to watch on Netflix 


Cast of Elesin Oba Netflix Movie

Elesin Oba The kings Horseman Netflix Movie has an ensemble cast of Odunlade Adekola, Shaffy Bello, Omawumi Dada, Deyemi Okanlawon, Brymo, Jide Kosoko and Joke Silva.

Meet the full cast of Elesin Oba here

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About Death and the Kings Horseman Play by Wole Soyinka

Death and the King’s Horseman is a play by Wole Soyinka based on a real incident that took place in Nigeria during the colonial era: the horseman of a Yoruba King was prevented from committing ritual suicide by the colonial authorities.

In addition to the intervention of the colonial authorities, Soyinka calls the horseman’s own conviction toward suicide into question, posing a problem that throws off the community’s balance.

Soyinka wrote the play in Cambridge, where he was a fellow at Churchill College during his political exile from Nigeria.

He has also written a preface to the play, explaining what he sees as the greatest misconceptions in understanding it. In particular, he says that the play should not be considered as “clash of cultures.”

Rather, the play demonstrates the need for interaction between African and European cultures, as per Soyinka’s post-Biafra cultural philosophy

In the play, the result for the community is catastrophic, as the breaking of the ritual means the disruption of the cosmic order of the universe and thus the well-being and future of the collectivity is in doubt. The community blames Elesin as much as Pilkings, accusing him of being too attached to the earth to fulfil his spiritual obligations.

 Events lead to tragedy when Elesin’s son, Olunde, who has returned to Nigeria from studying medicine in Europe, takes on the responsibility of his father and commits ritual suicide in his place so as to restore the honour of his family and the order of the universe. 

Elesin oba movie

Consequently, Elesin kills himself, condemning his soul to a degraded existence in the next world. In addition, the dialogue of the native suggests that this may have been insufficient and that the world is now “adrift in the void”.

Another Nigerian playwright, Duro Ladipo, had already written a play in the Yoruba language based on this incident, called Oba waja (“The King is Dead”).

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