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{Review}: Lade’s “Adulthood Anthem” trends, it’s relatable

{Review}: Lade’s “Adulthood Anthem” trends, it’s relatable

Lade Adulthood Anthem Review

The song has been a smash since its release.

Lade’s Adulthood Anthem speaks on the experiences of Nigerian Young Adults which encompasses the struggle to be solely responsible for themselves. And this, can be a huge challenge.


Adulthood Anthem by Lade is extremely relatable. Let’s start from how very true the lyrics are. Growing up in Nigeria, once you are old enough to take care of yourself, or even if your parents managed to send you to University….

You should take care of yourself once you graduate because they believe you have what can take you through life- a diploma/degree. In this case, they claim they even had less when they were growing up.

At this stage, Lade Adulthood Anthem brings home what a lot of people go through, and are still going through. You are expected to feed yourself, buy clothes, rent a house, and still do fine while navigating life issues and love relationships. Truly, Adulthood na scam!



Adulthood anthem review

Lade Adulthood Anthem  outlines how growing up to being a young adult is a huge experience on its own.

An experience that requires you being extremely responsible for yourself. It points out how being responsible to oneself is what you alone can do and no one else.

Examining Adulthood Anthem shows that being an adult is not something you toy with. You need to man up, or even “Woman up” in this case.

Lade’s Adulthood Anthem  tells us everything that will happen to you once you become an adult. You probably won’t have people checking up on you or even asking how far you are faring.

The funny thing is when Adulthood Anthem lyrics by Lade says she wishes she were a child again. I mean, won’t that be really cool?

Being a child means that people are responsible for you. So yes, Lade Adulthood Anthem  brings us to the realization of how we are in for what seems to be a struggle



Lade’s delivery on Adulthood Anthem is borne out of her personal experience. You can literally feel the passion.

You can’t miss out on the point where she reaches a notch of her vocals. It’s like a rendition of what everyone feels but can’t say out loud all the time.

Every young adult is trying to show that they have it all locked down. Like they have figured everything out. Meanwhile, that’s not the case most of the time.

This is what Lade expatiates on with Adulthood Anthem.

Nobody has figured it out. We are all just trying to make it along the way with prayer, hardwork and God’s grace.


Replay Value 

lade Adulthood Anthem

Adulthood Anthem is untouchable. You can listen to it as many times as possible because The lyrics are just so true, so relatable.

Where are the lies? The upbeat tempo, the delivery, the song theme, the song arrangement? And the fact that her sound is just like Teni’s. Adulthood Anthem has a very good replay value!


Mixing and Production 

The mixing and production of Adulthood Anthem is on point. The song arrangement is also very dope.



Delivery: 1.6/2

Lyricism: 1.7/2

Mixing and Production: 1.5/2

Relatability: 1.8/2

Replay Value: 1.6/2

☆Total: 8.2/10

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Nobody go ask if you don chop
Nobody go send you free money
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam
Oh oh
Panra Panra

I heard that you’re looking for lade oh
Please don’t judge me
Cos I won’t judge you
Na wetn dem tell me I believe
Na wetn dem tell you you believe

{Verse 1}
As I wake up this morning (uhn uhn uhn uhn)
Landlord don call me (uhn uhn uhn uhn)
My padi don ring my phone
say wey that thing wey you promise me
(Lade wey the level na?)

I no say you no go believe
Dem no tell me say na so е dey be
Abegi takе me back to days when
e be say na just to play and chop ohh

Eyy Ahhh
Adulthood na scam
You better get am for your mind
(You better know this oh)
You gast to hustle, make a living 24/7
Nobody go ask if you don chop
Nobody go send you free money
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam

{Verse 2}
If you no get na you sabi
You no fit reason your padi oh
But if na dem need you,
dem go come to you come dey give you different
Story oh (eh eh), Story oh (ehn ehn)
This is superstory oh
Though the story touch me oh

But I no fit send you money oh
If I say make I calculate (calcula)
Wetn I dey spend from Monday to Sunday (sunday)
Dey make me reminisce on those days

Wey pocket money go yapa for my pillow case (oh)
Now I gast send the money lole oh (lole oh)
Everything wey I want I must pay oh
Mogbe oh
I fit go give everything to become a child again

Adulthood na scam
You better get am for your mind
You gast to hustle,
make a living 24/7 (dem no dey person oh)
Nobody go ask if you don chop
(dem no dey yarn person oh)
Nobody go send you free money

(dem no go tell you yeah)
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam (big big scam oh)
Adulthood na scam (scam oh)
You better get am for your mind
(oh oh oh oh)
You gast to hustle, make a living

24/7 (24/7 yeah yeah)
Nobody go ask if you don chop
(24/7 oh)
Nobody go send you free money
(dem no dey tell you yeahh)
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam (na na scam oh)

Leave me I wan become a child again
I wan become a child again
I want to play inside the rain
Cos Adulthood na scam

Stream the song live on YouTube through Aktivated sessions

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Top 10 2022 Upcoming Artists in Nigeria

Top 10 2022 Upcoming Artists in Nigeria

Upcoming Artists in Nigeria to watch out for 2022

Here is a list of 2022 upcoming Nigerian Artists



2022 upcoming Artists in Nigeria


Salle, whose full name is Gospel Kosisochukwu Peters is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Imo state. She has been singing since she was 10 years old. She got interested in music from singing in her church choir. 

She used to help her mum sell food after school. She started to get recognition and fame when a viral video of her singing a song she wrote surfaced on the internet. This recognition made Salle an upcoming artist in Nigeria

Popular influencer Mufasa Tunde Ednut posted the video and she started to get a lot of views. She also got cosigns from Rihanna and Don Jazzy.

Because she was receiving so many praises and cosigns, people expected her to get signed by a major record label but the fame didn’t materialize to a record deal.

She has been doing her thing as an independent artist ever since

Songs: Let me see, Soul ft. T.I Blaze

Check out Salle’s songs here



upcoming artists in nigeria


Ekeh Chiaka Joseph, professionally known as Majeeed is a singer/songwriter/aspiring producer from Imo state.

Even though Majeeed is from the Igbo tribe in south eastern Nigeria, he chose the stage name Majeeed which means “noble” in Arabic because it portrays attributes of himself. 

Majeed is gradually transcending from being an upcoming Nigerian artist to being a well known singer

He is signed to Dream Empire music. He used to write songs for big music stars before he got signed. He is a graduate of Mass communication and Journalism. 

He recently dropped his debut project; Bitter Sweet which made it into the top 10 albums on Apple music Nigeria.

As said at the end of the intro how I care Majeeed says he doesn’t want to just release music, he wants to pass across a message and impact people with his music. 

He also bagged a remix with afro pop super star Joeboy on his hit song Yawa no dey end. He cites Asa and Rihanna as artists he would like to work with in the future.

Songs: Time, Yawa no dey end 

Check out Majeed’s songs here



upcoming singers in nigeria


Shekoni Suleimon Abiola also known as Khaid is a 17 year old musical artist from Ojo, Lagos state.

He is currently signed to Neville records owned by popular comedian and influencer Sydney talker.

He is an upcoming artist in Nigeria who was named ‘Khaid’ by Sydney Talker because he wanted something simple, different and catchy. 

Khaid is the first ever artist signed to Neville records. Khaid was a former mechanic and he used to drop freestyles on social media before he got discovered by Sydney talker.

His hit track with you which topped charts everywhere was his first ever recorded song released which shows his immense talent. 

Khaid wishes to go back to school soon to study Fine Arts. He wants to work with Made Kuti, Rema, Ruger and Blaqbonez.

SongsWith you, Blessed, Akpako

Check out Khaid’s songs here



upcoming artist in Nigeria 2022


Oluwakayode Oyetoro simply known mononymously as Kayode is a 23 year old singer/rapper from Ogun state, Nigeria. He has been doing music for more than three years now.

He got interested in music at the age of 12 from church. 

He attends the University of Lagos, where he studies Political Science. Kayode is an independent artist but he has been dropping music consistently over the years. 

He finally got his big break when his single live  started making waves on Tik Tok. The sound garnered over 1.3 million views on Tik Tok and shot him into the limelight. The song itself has amassed over 25 million streams on streaming platforms. 

This made Kayode an upcoming artist in Nigeria to look out for

Songs: Live forever, Love Divine, 456 ft. Victony

Check out Kayode’s songs here



Artists to watch out for in nigeria


George Oamen Irabor, SirBastien is a 2022 upcoming Nigerian alternative singer, producer and songwriter. He studies Electrical Engineering at the University of Ibadan. 

His style of music is majorly R & B.

The video to his song home with you ft. Remy Baggins and Daynim was distributed by Mr. Eazi’s emPawa Africa although SirBastien is still an unsigned artist. 

Despite being unsigned, SirBastien has released three projects already.  SirBastien has a soothing voice and can play the guitar.

He is an active stage performer, you can catch him performing at Hangs and Colors, a yearly art exhibition event that happens in Ibadan city. He would like to work with Amaarae and Santi.

Songs: Home with you, Angel eyes, Genuine

Check out Sirbastein’s songs here


6) Adryanne

upcoming Nigerian artist 2022


Jumbo Otonye Glory a.k.a Adryanne is an upcoming Alt Nigerian artist who also delves into R & B. This makes Adryanne a very versatile artist.

He is a 20 year old guy that hails from Bonny Island, Rivers State. His sound is driven by the love of music and life and he draws inspiration from various artists from Burna Boy to Jacob Banks to Jon Bellion.

He started music in 202o and released a two-track self-titled project “Adryanne” with the songs “Tic TAC Toe” and “Friday Night”. He is a student of NDU.

Songs : Tic TAC Toe, Friday Night

Check out Adryanne’s songs here


7) Naya Akanji

singers to look out for nigeria

Naya Akanji

Naya Akanji is a Lagos born upcoming Nigerian artist. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

She is a singer/songwriter and she admits to being versatile with her genre because she believes music is diverse and attaching a single genre to an artist can be limiting. Lagbaja is her musical inspiration. 

In an interview with 49th street, Naya admits that Lagbaja is her musical inspiration and she would love to collaborate with Burna Boy and Psycho YP. She is also a lover of writing.

Songs: Vivid Emotions, Set me on Fire, Faji

Check out Naya’s songs here


8) Candy Bleakz

Candy Bleakz

Candy Bleakz

Candy Bleakz is a 22 year-old upcoming Nigerian artist in Nigeria who has mastered the art of rap, there are very few female rappers in Nigeria and Candy Bleakz has carved a niche for herself in this genre.

Her real name is Akiode Blessing and she became popular after winning upcoming artist of the year at Afrika Shine- an event in Lagos.

On April 16, 2020, Chocolate City signed Candy Bleakz as an artist. 

Songs: Tikuku, Owo Osu, Kelegbe

Check out Candy Bleakz’s songs here


9) The Rap Prof

upcoming Nigerian artists

The Rap Prof

The Rap Prof” whose name is Adeyinka Gold, is a fast-rising rapper, singer and songwriter who was born on March 4, 1997. He recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music at the University of Ibadan.

He went from having five followers on Tiktok, to having seven thousand followers overnight after uploading a single video of his rap song. The Rap song then went on to have more than 300, 000 views on Tik Tok.

Check out The Rap Prof here


10) Lade



Lade is the latest viral sensation in the Nigerian music industry right now. You know what they say: “Save the best for last”.

Lade came into limelight with her “Airtel 444” advert. Nigerians really resonated with the song. It was not until 2022 that she released her hit record “Adulthood Anthem” A.k.a “Adulthood na Scam”.

Lade is the hottest upcoming 2022 Nigerian artist right now.

Songs: Adulthood Anthem, Hustle, Situationship.

Check out Lade’s songs here


Honorable Mention

A recognition of all other upcoming Nigerian artists who could have been on the list. You can suggest them below!


2022 Nigerian Upcoming Artists are: Salle, Majeed, Candy Bleakz, Lade, Kayode, Adryanne, Naya Akanji, SirBastien, Khaid and The Rap Prof

Upcoming Nigerian Artists 2022

1) Khaid

2) Salle

3) SirBastien

4) Majeed

5) Lade

6) Adryanne

7) Naya Akanji

8) The Rap Prof

9) Candy Bleakz

10) Kayode

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