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Adryanne’s “Tic Tac Toe” and “Friday night” are bop!

Adryanne’s “Tic Tac Toe” and “Friday night” are bop!

Adryanne’s “Tic Tac Toe” and “Friday night” are bop!

On Tic Tac Toe, Adryanne establishes his love for a lady but she plays games with him so much that he doesn’t know what exactly she wants.

This is very relatable because women do play hard to get some times and it becomes hard for a man to understand what the games are exactly.

In other times, they pull closer and try to establish that they are in love with a guy and then suddenly, they begin to distance themselves and the man begins to wonder what is going on.

In this case, singer Adryanne posits that he is in this same uncomfortable position.

“Tic Tac Toe” by Adryanne is an amazing RNB Song.


Revealing a Nigerian Rising Star- The Rap Prof

“Friday Night” ft. Miickey Metro

Friday Night is a very sizzling love song that compensates listeners on their decision to fall in love and establish that being in love with a lady can help you get it right in your life, and this is exactly what Adryanne’s Friday Night does!

This song is a bop! And it is an amazing listen; especially the parts where Adryanne talks on the song.

Click here to stream Friday Night and Tic Tac Toe by Adryanne


Adryanne is an upcoming RNB Nigerian singer.

adryanne tic tac toe friday night



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Nigerian Idol News: Faith and Itohan get eliminated

Nigerian Idol News: Faith and Itohan get eliminated

Nigerian Idol News: Faith and Itohan get eliminated

Performances from contestants of Nigerian Idol have wowed audiences. But after the performances of May 1, 2022, Viewers said goodbye to Itohan and Faith on the screens of Nigerian Idol

The duo were eliminated following their performances on Nigerian Idol Stage on May 1. Itohan has been delivering an Outstanding Performance since the beginning of the show. Faith has also put in quite a lot of effort too.

itohan Nigerian idol


Viewers expressed their sympathy that Itohan was eliminated from Nigerian Idol because she has been such a good singer and performer since the show began. At her last performance, she performed “Beggie Beggie” by Ayra Starr featuring Ckay while Faith performed “Jailer” by Asa.

Voting is currently going on Nigerian Idol

Faith nigerian idol


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For Nigerian Idol 2021 (S6), the Judges were Seyi Shay, Obi Asika and DJ Sose. However, Nigerian Idol 2022 has Simi and DBanj as the new Judges replacing Seyi Shay and DJ Sose.

Meanwhile, Obi Asika remained a judge on Nigerian Idol 2022.

The Executive Head of Content and West Africa Channels at MultiChoice Nigeria, Busola Tejumola said the selection of the Judges was a thorough and intentional one. He said:

“We could not think of a better trio to be the season’s judges than Obi Asika, D’banj, and Simi.

The three of them combined bring decades worth of experience in the music and entertainment business, as well as individual mastery of their crafts.

We have no doubt that they will keep the viewers entertained in what will be a spectacular season!”

What can I win on Nigerian Idol 2022 (Season 7)


The prizes to be won keeps getting better every edition.


■At the first edition of Nigerian Idol, 26-year-old Onyekachi Elizabeth Gilbert Onwuka aka “yeka onka” won 7.5 Million Naira, a recording contract with Sony, a car and an all-expense-paid trip to South Africa.


■At the sixth edition of Nigerian Idol {Nigerian Idol 2021), Kingdom Krosede was the winner.Kingdom Kroseide emerged winner after an intense musical contest involving over 3000 hopefuls from across the country, and over 16 million Votes recorded at the Finale.

Following the completion of the online and physical Auditions last November, Kroseide was given a prize money of 30 million Naira, a brand new SUV, an all expense paid trips to Dubai and Seychelles, a recording contract, a one year supply of Bigi Drinks.

Meanwhile, in this edition of Nigerian Idol, barely two weeks after announcing the return of the fan favourite reality singing competition show; Nigerian Idol,

MultiChoice Nigeria has revealed that the reward for the eventual winner will be a recording contract with a leading record label and more than 50 million Naira worth of prizes which include a cash prize and a brand new car.

Speaking on the prizes, Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe said:

“Our drive to empower talented Nigerian youth is at the forefront of our decision to return with Nigerian Idol. Nigerians are enormously talented in every sector and over the years.

Nigerian music has been one of our greatest exports to the world and you can see how well the world has received Nigerian music.”.

The prizes for Nigerian Idol 2022: Season 7 are bigger because Nigerian Idol has partnered with Binance and Bigi to bring the best experience to the viewers and the winner of the show.



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Shatta wale “On God” Lyrics

Shatta wale “On God” Lyrics

Shatta Wale On God lyrics

Here are the lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale

On God Lyrics Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale On God lyrics

{Verse 1}
10 million lashes but ano cry
10 years burial but ano die
Take what’s rightfully mine
Take what’s rightfully mine but that aside
You no know me you for google
I say this head bigger than your duku
Stubborn academy we like to shoot

One bullet I say chale ego make you pupu
On a bicycle so take your trailer
And I be famous like Marley and the wailers
I no dey kiss ass fvck all your favors
Nobody bigger than God Jehovah

You no go fe show me nothing
Bring horse ago bring my tortoise
On God me I promise you go be the yawa of the day
If you don’t know you for ask stop rushing
This teeth you dey see need brushing
On God me I promise you go be the yawa of the day

{Verse 2}
20 million years you no fe stop me
I am the news and I will make you keep talking
How many years you want dey block me?
I am the air you no fe catch me
This fvcking beat me I play am
Make I take fvck up some sellouts

Dem be hungry beings me I say am
I dey America come fight me here now
So you no dey see say people love me
You no see say I dey live in luxury
We know all of you you be hungry for this industry

You no go fe show me nothing
Bring horse ago bring my tortoise
On God me I promise you go be the yawa of the day
If you don’t know you for ask stop rushing
This teeth you dey see need brushing
On God me I promise you go be the yawa of the day

{Verse 3}
Sabotage dem try sabotage
Ano be your puppy don’t give me guard
Agenda everyday agenda
5k dollar for just my cigar
All of you no be hustlers

You no get orthopedic better change your mattress
Send who you want send ago battle dem
Check my records me ano dey lose
Ano be industry boy
I dey repeat ano be industry boy
So anything wey me I say ano dey watch Tv or radio
I say fvck your games

You no go fe show me nothing
Bring horse ago bring my tortoise
On God me I promise you go be the yawa of the day
If you don’t know you for ask stop rushing
This teeth you dey see need brushing
On God me I promise you go be the yawa of the day

Those are the lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale

Victony “Kolomental” lyrics


lyrics of on god shatta wale

One of the things that makes Shatta Wale’s On God a different song is that the lyrics are totally different.

The lyrics of Shatta Wale’s On God depict realism.

In the lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale, he says he is not an industry boy, that he doesn’t watch the tv and he doesn’t care what people say about him.

He says in the lyrics of On God, that he doesn’t play games and he does all he wants to do without restrictions or watchwords.

Nigerian artists with highest monthly listeners on spotify (April 2022)

In the lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale, Shatta Wale establishes his position in the music industry by saying he is different and he doesn’t care what people say about him.

The lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale are appropriate for the song and makes us examine what happened to Shatta Wale in the music industry.

It is through the lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale that we deduce that On God is actually a response to what Shatta Wale has gone through in the music industry and he is saying everything he went through with the lyrics of on God.

His realism makes us listen to every part of the lyrics of On God without holding back. He dishes it all out.

It is majorly the lyrics of On God by Shatta Wale that we understand the song and find it interesting.


Shatta Wale’s On God is relatable in the sense that we face things in life among our colleagues and we tell ourselves that since man is not God.

We will keep on riding because man is incapable of doing the things that God can do.

So, Shatta Wale establishes with On God that others have no power over him. He says:

You no go fit show me nothing

He says he knows that they can’t do anything to him and this is relatable to any African person because we are rest assured that God truly has the final say.


We have to say that Shatta Wale’s delivery on On God makes the song land.

The lyrics of Shatta Wale’s On God are okay, but the delivery exalts the lyrics and makes it easy for us to listen to the song till it ends.

It may be that Shatta Wale’s delivery on On God is because On God is a persona song (as this can be deciphered through the lyrics of On God)

Mixing and Production

The mixing and Production for Shatta Wale’s On God suits the song by allowing Shatta’s voice to rise above the mix and the beats to play as quietly and softly as they should

Replay Value

shatta on God lyrics

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale’s On God has a fair amount of replay value because it is lyrically embedded and it allows for relatability because we find On God relatable.

It is someone dishing out his emotions to show that he doesn’t care about what others have done to him or what they think about him.

Also, Shatta Wale’s On God is a diss song.

It is a response to what people have said about him or what they have done to him. He keeps repeating the word “F***” to show that he doesn’t care.


Relatability: 1.3/2

Delivery: 1.5/2

Lyricism: 1.6/2

Mixing and Production: 1.2/2

Replay Value: 1.4/2

☆Total: 7/10

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The Best Stage Performers in Nigeria 2022 {Ranked}

The Best Stage Performers in Nigeria 2022 {Ranked}

The Best Stage Performers in the Nigerian Music Industry 2022 {Ranked}

Stage Performance in Nigeria has to be the most underemphasized art in the music industry. All fans are really concerned with is the number of streams their favorite artists are racking up on streaming platforms.

While this is actually very good, it doesn’t subtract that music listeners should have the best experience possible while watching their favorite singers on stage.

Stage Performance has no definite definition; but it is definitely not jumping up repeatedly on the stage and putting one’s hands in the air.

Sorry, if your favorite artists have been doing that, it’s not stage performance, it’s “energy performance”

Stage Performance has to do with the engaging dance styles and creative (most times, appealing) movements of singers on stage.

Here is a list of the Best Stage/Live performers in Nigeria (Ranked)


The Best Stage Performers in Nigeria 2022


6) Asake

the best stage performers Nigeria

Asake/ Glitch Sessions

Outstanding Performances: Sunga Remix performance with Burna Boy, Glitch Sessions (Baba God Live Performance)

Asake’s sound may seem distinct from others in the music industry, it only exalts his uniqueness and reduces his replaceability.

Asake has not been in the music industry for up to a year and he is already making his mark.

Asake has not entirely displayed any spectacular performance so far with his stage performances. But his energy is infectious.

I mean, this guy brings a cup of alcohol to the stage.

It only shows how much he is so relaxed and he brings his fans into that world of relaxation.

Sometimes. Asake attempts to moonwalk (with that afrobeats style) on stage, and this is really impressive.

His recent performance of “Baba God” at Glitch Sessions is simply breathtaking.

His vocals in that performance are top notch and he delivered the song with such passion and truth in his voice.

Asake is someone that sings “Feel Good” music; especially when you listen to “Omo Ope ” and “Sungba ”. His genre of music highly helps his performances because the audience feels thrilled already before he even mounts the stage.

This is why Asake is making the 2022 list of our Best Stage Performers in Nigeria .


5) Niniola

the best performers in nigeria

Niniola/Human Heart Radio

Outstanding Performances: Summer Vibes Concert 2017, Guiness Bright House Party, The Human Radio Concert 

Niniola’s stage performances are always marked by amazing dance moves and audience engagement.

She has established herself as a stage performer by pulling off common dance steps while sticking to simple choreography with her dancers.

Sometimes, she goes into the audience space to engage them and allow them to touch her.

Most times, while performing on stage, Niniola loves wearing a suit that doubles as a dress.

Her dancers are usually dressed in colorful dresses and she allows them to do the choreography most of the time while she focuses on singing.

Niniola’s stage performance is characterized by  appealing dance moves.

The truth is, you can never be bored at a Niniola Concert.

This is why Niniola is No 5 on the list of our Best Stage Performers in Nigeria

Davido “The We Rise by Lifting Others Tour” {WRBLO} 2022: Tickets, Dates


4) Brymo

the best live performances in nigeria


Outstanding Performances: Gidi Fest 2018, UDUX, Brymo Live

It’s good to have fans who are dedicated to you and your sound.

Brymo has this, and he is set for the rest of his music career.

But this is not what makes his stage performances good. If anything, Brymo’s amazing vocals live on stage should be studied.

He maintains an astounding vocal strength and fluidity on stage which makes his songs sound as if they were actually getting mixed and produced right there on the stage.

Brymo’s Stage Performances are characterized by an amount of dramatic reactions to his own songs.

This makes his songs come alive on stage.

Also, the beats and trumpets that accompany Brymo’s songs makes his live performances authentic. Brymo’s sound is one that must almost always be accompanied with drums and trumpets.

The symphony of all these makes Brymo’s stage performances one to always look out for.

This is why Brymo is No 4 of our list of the Best Stage Performers in Nigeria 

Most Streamed Nigerian Artists on YouTube 2022


3) The KUTIs (Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Made Kuti)

the best performers in nigeria

The KUTIs/Felabration

Outstanding Performance(s): Felabration 2019

Not a fallacy, but if you are in the Kuti family and you sing, there must have been a stage performance gene passed to you.

Fela Kuti was one of the most “notorious” singers and stage performers in his days, and now, his sons and grandsons are carrying on with this legacy.

Their stage performances are always marked by scintillating dance moves and their fluid song lyrics.

Although they sometimes focus on their vocal performance while singing, the energy and raw beauty of their performance serve the audience more than anyone can imagine.

The KUTIs are amazing stage performers, and that is why they are making our list of the best stage performers in Nigeria


2) Burna Boy

nigerian best stage Performers

Burna Boy/Live

Outstanding Performances: Burna Boy at Madison Square Garden, Burna Boy Live at London 02, Burna Boy Live in Paris

The truth is, Burna Boy is not the best dancer, but the efforts he puts in his stage performances shows that he tries to go the extra mile to astound the audience. 

His performance at the Madison Square Garden was not breathtaking, but it was awesome.

Being the first Nigerian to headline Madison Square Garden in New York is a big deal, and the fact that he did that amazingly is commendable.

There was even an instance where he had to catch a lady’s bra that was thrown on him on stage. The way he handled that was good.

Burna Boy’s stage management is also noteworthy. It’s not easy performing on big stages and having a hundred-thousand people looking at you.

For stage management, Burna Boy is making our list of the Best Stage Performers Nigeria


1) Yemi Alade

the best stage performers in nigeria

Yemi Alade/Afronation

Outstanding Performances: Afronation 2022 Puerto Rico, AFRIMMA 2018, Global Citizen 2020

This woman may not be racking up the highest numbers on streaming platforms, but she is always on the road because Show organizers can’t get enough of her.

This position is not up for discussion.

So far, Yemi Alade has been the only artist that actually gives the audience a spectacular performance.

It is not only enough that her YouTube videos are creative, her stage performances are crazy.

In 2018, The Headies Award for Best performer was initiated. Yemi Alade won the first and the second one respectively.

Recently, at the 2022 Afro Nation festival first leg in Puerto Rico, the audience went haywire when she delivered crazy dance moves and made them sing her song lyrics energetically.

Yemi Alade has performed in more countries than most African Female Artists have.

There are video performances of her performing in Helsinki for crying out loud.

Recently, The Royal family invited her personally to perform at the earth shot prize awards ceremony alongside Ed Sheeran.

It is therefore not surprising that Yemi Alade gets booked all the time for shows. 


Who is the best stage performer in Nigeria?

Currently, Yemi Alade is the best stage performer in Nigeria. Her dance performances and choreography are spectacular and she has two Headies Awards for Best Performer.


The Best Stage Performers in Nigeria 2022

6) Asake

5) Niniola

4) Brymo

3) THE KUTIs {Made, Seun, Femi}

2) Burna Boy

1) Yemi Alade


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“The Man for The Job” Nollywood Movie- All you need to know

“The Man for The Job” Nollywood Movie- All you need to know

The Man for The Job Nollywood movie

Niyi Akinmolayan is already here with the release of his Nolllywood movie- The Man for The job.

Niyi Akinmolayan is one of the hottest directors in the Nigerian movie industry right now. He has successfully directed movies such “The Set Up” {2019}, “Elevator Baby”{2019}, The Wedding Party 2” {2018}, “Falling” {2015}.

With The man for the job movie, Niyi establishes himself as a consistent movie director who serves amazing cinematic content to the Nigerian audience.

Also, The Man for The Job Nollywood movie makes the second official casting of Temi Otedola in a movie.

She successfully had her official acting debut in Kunle Afolayan’s Netflix film “Citation“. Temi Otedola joined the cast of The Man for the Job movie as soon as the movie started production.

The Real Housewives of Lagos Cast

About The Man for The Job Movie

The Man for the Job movie is a crime drama that follows the adventure and trials of a hardworking  young man who navigates  his family and work life which folds up by the plot of an overtly optimistic startup CEO.

The Man for the job Nollywood movie is set up in modern Lagos where the fintech era is blooming.

The Man for the Job Nigerian movie promises suspense and twists.

According to ShockNG, The Man for the Job movie will exclusively land on Amazon Prime Video after its domestic theatrical run in a multi-title deal announced.

According to the official press release, Prime video will have exclusive, worldwide distribution rights to Anthill’s slate of theatrical releases, starting in 2022, which will be made available to an audience of more than 200 million Prime Video members worldwide following their theatrical release in Nigeria.

This starts with the release of Niyi Akinmolayan first 2022 movie which is The Man for the Job.

This means that every title that Anthill brings to the big screen will exclusively land for global streaming on Prime Video.This is inclusive of The Man for the Job movie

This means that it is a giant step for the company as this opens up new funding capacities and increases its market credibility as a production partner based in Africa.

the man for the job movie temi otedola

Source: Instagram/Temi Otedola


When will the Man for the Job movie be released?

The Man for the job Nollywood movie starts a cinematic run on Friday April 29, 2022


Where can I watch The Man for the Job Nollywood movie?

You can watch The Man for The Job movie in cinemas and on Amazon Prime after its domestic Theatrical run.

Click here to buy tickets for the man for the job Nollywood movie


Kunle Afolayan’s latest movie to be fashioned after GOT

Niyi Akinmolayan, Founder and Creative Director of Anthill Studios shares that

“We love to explore genres and go boldly where most don’t. This is why Amazon Prime Video is the right kind of home for our stories. I am really excited because with this licensing deal, we can explore more story ideas, including genres new to Nollywood like sci-fi and animation, for a global audience”

With the release of The Man for the Job Nollywood movie theatrically {in cinemas}, The man for the job movie will not be streaming on Netflix but on Amazon Prime.


The Man for the Job Nollywood Movie Cast

the man for the job nigerian movie 2022

Temi Otedola, Ibrahim Suleiman

Below is the cast of The Man for the job movie

1) Temi Otedola

2) Ibrahim Suleiman

3) Uzor Arukwe

4) BabareX

5) Ini Edo

6) Ali Baba.


More Details on The Man for the job Nollywood movie

The Man for the Job movie was written by Niyi Akinmolayan and Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan.


About Anthill Studios {From shockNG}

Anthill Studios is a leading Film Production, Post-Production and Animation studio based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Apart from producing cinema hits like “Prophetess,” “Day of Destiny” and “Elevator Baby”, the studio is recognised as the post-production powerhouse behind most of the big Nollywood titles in cinemas and available on streaming services.

Anthill is also the biggest animation studio in Nigeria with over 300 minutes of animated work with an innovative and talent-rich roster boasting some of the best animators and VFX artists working in Nigeria today.

The studio is led by Niyi Akinmolayan (Founder and creative director) who is one of the most sought-after directors and filmmakers in Nigeria with a total of more than 1 billion Naira in the Nigerian box office and  Victoria Akujobi (Head of Production) an award-winning editor of many successful theatrical projects and a powerhouse producer in the Nollywood industry.


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